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Have you been trying to overcome something for a while, but nothing seems to stick? Maybe you've dealt with anxiety, a past trauma, or unhealthy eating habits for far too long. It can feel like you're constantly swimming upstream, and that feeling of being stuck can be incredibly discouraging.


As someone who herself witnessed anxiety , trauma, and depression in early childhood, I want to help people get out from their hurtful past and anxieties. I want to help you forget the negativity and live a peaceful life.


Overcome all your shortcoming with Ivana

Hi I’m Ivana Baraclay, 


An advanced hypnotherapist, fully qualified with a renowned hypnotherapist.


I specialise in trauma, anxiety, confidence, weight loss, addictions, phobias, emotional eating and IBS.


Apparently, I myself overcame some tough stuff as a kid, and that's what makes me so passionate about helping others.


I want to help people get rid of their negative thoughts which are holding them back to live the life they've always wanted.

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