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Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness, this focus is what's necessary to create long Lasting Change

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About Me

Ivana Barclay is an advanced hypnotherapist, fully qualified with a renowned hypnotherapist.


Ivana Specialises in trauma, anxiety, confidence, weight loss, addictions, phobias, emotional eating and IBS.


Having overcome a childhood trauma, Ivana has found herself wanting to help people with their limiting beliefs so they can make the long lasting changes they need to live a life in the way they've always dreamed of.


"A deeply effective, alternative therapy which I was initially skeptical about. Super pleased with my session, a liberating experience to say the least."


"Ivana's guidance was intuitive, gentle and sensitive to my needs. I felt at ease, safe and comfortable throughout the whole journey. I was able to follow her guidance to explore and access the information I required. It was a beautiful experience that I would recommend to others."


"Ivana made me feel so relaxed, it was an amazing experience, would highly recommend."



Initial Consultation 

An initial free, 20 minute consultation is required to gain an understanding of the issue you'd like to address and your desired outcome - that way we can appropriately tailor our approach to your future session(s).


We now begin to implement our bespoke, hypnotherapy session to achieve your goals that we established in your initial consultation.

Block Sessions

We do discounts for a block of sessions booked and paid for in advance. This maybe more economical for more complex, deeper issues - this will be discussed in your initial consultation


Initial Consultation - Free

Single Session - £80

3 x Sessions (Block) - £220

6 x Sessions (Block) - £380

Please fill out the form below to book an appointment.


Please take a moment to fill out the form to book an appointment or to request a call back to answers any other questions.

Thanks for submitting!

"Trust your unconscious, it knows more than you do"

- Milton Erikson

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